Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Railroad Map from Grandpa 18 February 1916

In his previous letter, Frank H. Russell told Allene S. Kelley that he was sending her a little railroad map which he had marked up a bit. These are scans of the marked up portions of the pages he sent her and the note he included. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

Letters from Grandpa 19 February 1916

Box 162, Elko

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

Allene Dearest:-

Aboard the train for Elko Wednesday I wrote you and when I arrived I gave a small boy a whole nickel to take the letter over to the P.O. We stayed overnight there,-just long enough to get ourselves groomed a little and attend to some business matters relative to our offices, automobiles, and "Moore." The last mentioned is on the fire, cooking and I am awaiting developments.

Expressed you a box of candy which I hope didn't get all mashed in transit. Returning on the train Thursday afternoon I penned some more and told you I'd try and write again that night, but dear it was out of the question. And the next morning, yesterday, before we could get our things unpacked there were three patients waiting. Well we peeled off our coats and went to it. Worked without a stop, excepting for a hurried lunch, until after five o'clock and then started in after supper and put in about two hours. Promised to finish the one patient by ten o'clock this A.M. Missed it one hour only.

That's the reason my girlie didn't get a letter yesterday and I'll bet she's getting awful tired writing when she don't get any replies. I don't blame you, dear, when I fail to hear from you for a few days, when conditions are like they have been, but I'm disappointed every time I go to the P.O. and don't get your letter.

Think we will be here another week and then we'll go to Battle Mountain and Austin. Don't expect to stop in B.M. Change trains there and take narrow guage [sic] up to Austin. Am sending you a little R.R. map which I've marked up "a bit."

Oh, did you like "The Clausman," dear? I saw the pictures of it and it was fine. I never read "Michael O'Hallorhan," but if it is like "Corporal Cameron" or any other of Ralph Connor's works it's certainly going to get me. Here I have your letter of Thursday the 10th,-the morning after the "Five Hundred" set-to,-and when you were all excited about the case you had on a married man: It's not only disgraceful but provoking  and besides dear I'd rather you'd not have room for "cases" on any other than me. Your confidence in me dear shows me that you were not sincere with the case at hand, so I'm not too jealous.

You say you had a good time at the Winter Garden that night? Did you like the new (?) styles of dancing you saw? I'll bet it was some kind of tough ragging that was demonstrated. Isn't it ridiculous the way some of 'em dance? And after all I think the old fashioned waltz has 'em all beat.

In another of your letters you said something about eating worms cause nobody loved you--you'll have to recall that remark dear--right away quick. And now you weigh 126 1/2, golly!! I'll bet I've lost about that many since we went to Midas. Am glad you've got 'em, dear, since it pleases you so much, but I haven't any to spare so when you get thru with them send 'em back--P.D.Q.

I didn't get any letter from you yesterday or today dear so just for that-take this-It's more'n four pages anyhow.

Always yours

Feb. 19, 1916

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 17 February 1916

Box 162, Elko

Miss Allene Kelley,

Just an excuse of a letter to my girlie to let her know I've not forgotten her today.

Will be in "Goldamya" in a few minutes.

From Elko I expressed a package of sweets, dear, You should get 'em about the time this letter reaches you. Enclosed a couple of pictures but saved the best one for this. It's a lovely likeness, don't you think?

Will try and pen you a few more lines tonight dear but I'm pretty near all in.

Always yours

Enroute. Feby 17, 1916