Friday, August 9, 2013

Letters from Grandpa 30 March 1916

Hotel Mayer
Elko, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

Dearest; Where are you? Another day has gone and I've failed to hear from you and I'm getting anxious, even tho' you did tell me that you'd not give me the G.B. Am going to the photographers this afternoon, so if you want that picture you'd better come to life. And tomorrow we are going to Wells. If you'd have given me your Berkeley address dear, I'd have sent my baby (?) brother to call on you, but maybe I'd have regretted it as you know he's one of the eligibles.

Well I just wish you'd hurry home if you can't find the time to write me even a postal while you're away. Your silence is just what Sherman said about war, so "come to" dear.

Ever yours

March 30th, 1916

Letters from Grandpa 29 March 1916

Commercial Hotel
W. M. Doyle, Prop.

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

The old cold has gone, dear, and everything's fine again and tomorrow I'm going to try and have that picture taken for you.

Two days have gone by and I've not received even so much as a postal from my girlie and I'm beginning to wonder if she's met with some accident. If I fail to hear from her tomorrow I'm going to gather up the late papers and see if I can find what hospital, or morgue, the victims were taken to.

Day after tomorrow, dear, we are going to Wells, so that will be the next address.

I'm not at all inspired today, so accept this excuse for a letter Allene dear, and I'll promise to do better--when I can.

Always yours

March 29th, 1916