Sunday, December 4, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 23 February 1916

Golconda Hot Springs Hotel
Golconda, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

Allene Dearest, will you please enlighten me? If is was anything about the real letter, as you so considerately called it, that gave you the giggles tell me what it was so I can join in. I need a few pounds, as per your suggestion and, you know--"Laugh and grow fat." If it wasn't anything in the letter I'm disappointed, but none-the-less interested, and if it was thunder and lightening, what in thunder was it?

Yes, business is good dear, but slacking up and Sunday eve we leave. I just wired to Austin to find out if there is a dentist there now. If there is we will go to Eureka instead. "Nox nix house."

You said something about the weather being so nice down there--Say, dear, He must have had an over supply cause we're getting quite a bit of it our own selves and I don't think it agrees with me. It makes me nervous and fidgety and I want to get out and do a lot of crazy things, like climbing mountains and other things that will make me all sweaty. While you may think we've had a lot of liberty,-on the go all the time, still we're always cooped up in a little old box of a room like a hot house plant--which I hasten to assure you I'm not--and when the sun comes out and makes it nice and warm out doors my feet just get itchy, that's all.

Your billet doux was rather brief, but tomorrow I'll know if you kept your promise of today. 

Now I pay you back in your own coin.

As ever dear, yours
February 23rd 1916