Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Letters from Grandpa 18 Nov 1915

P.O. Box 162
Elko, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley
Huntington Hall
South Pasadena, California

Allene Dear Your letter with the picture enclosed was here when I arrived and I've read it over and over because I didn't want to miss one single thing, either in the lines or "between" them--and I'm going to read it again soon. The picture is pasted in one of my cherished albums.

The other letter dear, the one in which you said you'd kept me waiting a week because I'd kept you waiting so long, was received day before yesterday, so I've received two which have made me very happy, since writing. I can hardly realize that such a short time ago I was there at the school with you and now I'm way out here--over a thousand miles away! And I want to go back!

Daily I've been expecting word from Salt Lake City in reference to that work I spoke of but nothing has come yet. Maybe I'll not get to do it after all.~I'm not worrying over that tho'.

It's the new venture that's taking up all my spare thinking moments. But no matter what happens dear I'm going to try and not be "flustered" or "fussed" like I was when you saw me last.  Will try and take things as they come and just be natural at all times.

As a rule I'm very negligent about answering questions asked in letters and there was one you asked which I will answer before I forget.
As to the address given on my stationery and cards--I was located in Wells for several years and I haven't used up all the old stationery and cards I had there. And no, dear, emphatically no, "C.E." does not stand for Christian Endeavor in that case.

Glad you liked "Frank". Of course he doesn't look like me~ he's cunning, you say.--!!

And you'll be saying something awful to me pretty soon I expect if I don't quit writing so I'll cease for tonight.

Buenos noches Allene,

Thursday, November 18th, 1915

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  1. oh dimple...this is so neat and wow you still have this letter! what a treasure and how sweet it is!
    i am one for saving all of my letters. when bernie lived in ottawa and i in welland, he and i wrote back and forth two or three times a day.
    i have hundreds of letters stuffed away in boxes.
    i also had fifty pen pals.
    and i wrote to the queen and i have five of her return letters....
    oh THIS letter of yours is so precious!....love terry