Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 20 February 1916

Golconda Hot Springs Hotel
Golconda, Nevada

Miss Allene S Kelley

Allene Dearest, have you consumed the contents of that case of complexion compound and did it add to your avoirdupois? I've been told that sweets would do that and I know you hadn't reached the desired limit, so tell me it was sweet of me to remember you in that way,--or something equally nice, dear. I know you cried quits on the candy stuff but I don't think you meant that to last forever and there's a very slim assortment of things to select remembrances etc. from out here. I'll try not [to] be monotonous tho' and will only "sandwich" candy occasionally.

Almost wish I hadn't gone to Elko cause I've contracted a peach of a cold to pay for it. Put on a light summer suit and wore it back. It fixed me alright. It's a mighty good thing I've got plenty of clothes, also that I bro't another heavy suit with me, and if this weather continues the light suit will last a long time.

You ask the trouble between Dr. Moore and me. It's a long story dear, covering over four years. It is just a case of misplaced confidence and of my being too lenient with him after I saw that he was abusing the trust I placed in him. The inevitable split up was the result and in the settlement, I forced an acknowledgement of our business relations and an agreement to settle the accounts and amounts in full within a specified time. This document was drawn up by my lawyer, (where I out-witted Moore), signed by Moore and his wife doesn't love me at all. All I can say is that I "have it on him" and will make it very uncomfortable if he doesn't pay up.

I've gotten all your letters now dear. The Jan. 17th  one was the first sent to Midas,- the first time we didn't go, and it was held there till the day we left. The other one went up there and came right back so if it has a good beginning, "all's well that ends well" So you got two,--you spelled it "to-," valentines dear,- Well I got a couple too and darned if I know who did send 'em. Came from Calif. One from Oakland and the other from San Francisco. Are you guilty, dear, or am I on the wrong track? If you didn't send one I must agree with you that they are silly things but if you did,--I agree with you anyhow.

If the Ne'er-do-Well was as good in pictures as the book you had a real treat. Don't blame your grandmother for being romantic this kind of weather and with these moonlight nights but that light suit of clothes took all the romance out of me.

If boarding school has all those effects you say it has on one I'm mighty glad you didn't stay and furthermore I'm glad you're immune if that doesn't cover too much territory and include Nevada.

All my love dear.

Ever yours,

Sunday, February 20th,

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