Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Letters from Grandpa 1 April 1916

After ten days return to
Quilici Brothers, Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in General Merchandise
Wells, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

Dearest, Your letter just received a little while ago and it was about time too. I was certainly getting weary. What wouldn't I give to see you all togged out in your new rags! But really dear a look at you in any kind of old-(or new)-rags would be quite a pleasing sight to me. I think I know just how you feel with all those new clothes dear. There's such a satisfied feeling when you're all dolled up in nice new things,--Isn't there? I've got a lot of old suits- in fact all I've got are old- well I'm going to try and wear 'em all out this summer,- not get anything new till I do--and then this fall, or late summer, I'll stock up again. But I won't get two suits exactly alike again.

That grey norfolk I had my picture taken in is one of twins. Had the suit made with an extra pair of trousers. About the second time I wore the suit I went into the barber shop to get shaved;-took off the coat, (I seldom wear one in summer) and walked out and forgot it. A few days afterwards I looked into my wardrobe and noticed an extra coat hanger. Then I remembered. Well when I enquired of the barbers, porter and others and no one seemed to know anything about it I gave up the search and had another one made. After I'd been in California a couple of weeks I received a letter from Mrs. Doyle saying the coat had been found and when I returned to Elko I found it had, so I've got two of 'em.

The little Dodge carried us and all our baggage up here yesterday. It's certainly a darling little car,-- to my way of thinking,- and I've had quite a lot of experience with 'em---all kinds.

Had a swell dinner today dear. My very particular friends here in Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Quilici gave me the treat. Don't judge by the name because he's one of the most popular young men in this part of the country.--He was born and raised in Italy but a true blue American. Mrs. Quilici is decidedly American, born and raised to the name of Smith--a trained nurse by profession and a very nice girl. Was with Damenick when he met her. Well you'll like them dear when you see them.

With all my love dear I'll close this April Fools Day missive.

Ever yours only,

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