Sunday, January 29, 2012

Letters from Grandpa 27 February 1916

Golconda Hot Springs Hotel
Golconda, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley

Dearest:-Two letters from you this morning and a heavy snow storm were the starters for an exciting day. We've been "swamped" alright with the excitement of leaving Golconda and there hasn't been a second, hardly since morning that we haven't been doing something. Collecting and paying bills--packing and repacking--, we've got such a collection of "junk" that it must be packed just so or it won't fit~ and saying goodbye to the bunch.-Why it seemed like we'd lived in Golconda for ever. Anyhow we are here in Battle M't'n and the Post office is open for a few minutes while the trains mail is made up-hence my hurry. The train goes to Austin in the morning instead of the motor car as I tho't. Motor is rougher riding but makes better time than the train. "Everything equalizes" (Rich man gets his ice in the summer, poor man get's his in winter).

'Twas very nice of Marian Decker to get off and take a look at Elko and then to admit that it is a very nice place.

I've got to stop else you won't get this--

Love from 

Sunday 27th

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