Monday, February 10, 2014

Letters from Grandpa 11 April 1916

The Allen Hotel
Geo. Allen, Prop.
Wells - - Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

Dearest:- This morning's mail bro't two letters, as anticipated, from you and I feel much better than I did twenty four hours ago, and while I'm in this condition I'll pen you a few lines -- a very few because time's limited. The last west bound mail train for the day is due in a few minutes.

Started in this A.M. being very busy and kept at it till 3 P.M. or there-abouts. Then I "threw up the sponge" donned my old corduroy trousers and a pair of old tan shoes and went over to the garage where I put in the balance of the daylight part of the day going over the roadster. Although I tho't I knew every part of a car I wanted to be sure so I got the "Hints to Beginners" or "Instruction Book, [sic] or whatever they call it, and started at the starter and stopped at the stopper. I administered oil and grease, as per directions, to every place, adding a little for good measure in each instance. Tomorrow I'll wash off dirt and dust and wipe off oil and grease, of which there's plenty, then I'll polish nickel and glass, etc. till the little devil looks like it's for sale. Have run it only five or six hundred miles yet it is just covered with dirt. Nevada roads are not like California's boulevards - not at all.

Mrs. Quilici invited us, Dr. W. and I, over to dinner again today, - needless to say we accepted the "invite." And it was some dinner! She seems to have one standard and it's way up yonder. I like Mrs. Quilici, -- but dearest, you have my love.


April 11th, 1916

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