Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Letters from Grandpa 4 December 1915

Commercial Hotel
W. M. Doyle, Prop.
Elko, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley
Huntington Hall
South Pasadena, California

My dear Allene:--
Your letter didn't arrive the day I expected it. It was one day late. So negligent, or careless of you dear to disappoint me!!

The description of the riot has made me laugh--well, every time I think about it. That flight up those stairs, then the breathless bunch in suspense and then the relief which followed. You needn't ever mention "first year composition" to me again.

So you cry quits on the "eats,"--that is modified by "well not so often." Alright dear, you shall have your way--modified by for awhile.

As for the picture--I'm waiting for the one of you. You remember of me asking you,--don't you? As soon as I get where there us a photographer who I think is capable of doing justice to a subject such as I, I will comply with your request. In the meantime be patient dear--not like I, tho'.

I can't leave here for about ten days as one of the boys who is going with me-(he's an expert auto mechanic)-is sick and the doctor says he can't get out for at least a week. I'll start as soon as possible. I was up to Wells last week--Notice the position of prominence in which that paper makes note of it!! I am of course sending you a copy of that paper.--'Twill prove to you that Wells is not without a representative even tho' you did think it might be off the map. So I'm not someone from nowhere,--but no one from somewhere perhaps.

Love dear--to you.


Saturday-December 4th, 1915

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