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Letters from Grandpa 16 February 1916

Box 162, Elko,

Miss Allene S. Kelley

Dearest:- The section foreman's note to the roadmaster "Off again, on again, gone again, Finnegan," would almost fit our visit at Midas.

We have found, dear, that our initial visits are not howling successes, financially, but it is gratifying to learn that the return ones are more profitable. We were in Midas just a week and while we made a little better than expenses our main accomplishment was the acquaintance of the majority of the population. And a couple of confidential and reliable tips that we would get three big jobs of crown and bridgework the next time we went in to the camp; these were given us yesterday morning as we were getting into the stage.

You know, dear, it makes a fellow feel "kinda" good when he learns that patients are pleased with his work and that they boost for him.

Last night when we got into Golconda found several days work waiting for us. Three big jobs and two others which we haven't examined and estimated. So taking it "all in all" I think the sun is going to shine very brightly for us. I think we will "make" Austin, Eureka and Wells before we return (for any length of time) to Elko.

I can account for all your letters,-got the last two, Sunday's and Monday's, this morning at Golconda. And the one that went astray, Allene, Jan. 17-to Midas, I got in Midas yesterday morning.

Golly dear, it's sure nice of you to just keep right on writing every day when my replies have been going so irregularly-and sometimes not at all. I'll pay you back tho' dear, someway, sometime.

We had a tough trip down yesterday. The first relay,--or stretch of about 16 miles,--was in sled, then we changed to wagon and it was a terribly heavy drag. Snow, ice and mud all mixed. The outcome of it was we didn't get any thing to eat from 7 a.m. till we arrived at our destination at ten P.M.~~and it was some cold after the sun got out of sight. Say but we didn't do a thing dear when we finally did get into that Hot Springs Hotel. We each (5 of us counting the driver) took two big jolts of whiskey and then made tracks for the dining room. Don't think there was a one in the bunch who tho't about washing his face and hands first. Well when we had satisfied our ravenous appetites, and it took some bulk to appease them, I "kinda" separated myself from the others and got the key to the "No 1" plunge and--well I did it. When I got out and went to the room there was old Doc in bed. He was all in.

This morning we got up and found the six o'clock train accomodatingly [sic] late. Our general appearance being rather shabby and that business I have to attend to in Elko, we decided to "hie ourselves hither." Now we are on the train. Don't know where Dr. W. is but I'm back here in the Pullman with you dear. Oh, if it were only a reality!! But maybe_______! I'm one who lives in hopes.

I'm not attempting to answer your letters herein dear. This is just a tale of woe. When I get more time (alone) I'll be with you, deeper in tho'ts-if that is possible.

Anyway dear I'm always

Feb'y 16th 1916.

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