Sunday, July 10, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 6 February 1916

Elko, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley

Allene, Dearest, I've been the busiest man today--busier'n a cranberry merchant.-Worked like a trooper to finish up our "Midas." This afternoon about four I turned him loose. Since then we've been packing, getting laundry ready, and cleaning up. The supper bell interrupted and now dear I'm devoting these few moments to you so this won't reach you a day late. The mail train is due here in about ten or fifteen minutes and if I fail to make connections this won't go till tomorrow.

Our Midas sure scintilates [sic] like the tower of jewels. And he likes it.

Received two dandy letters from Modesto this morning dear, which I can't answer now. Will do that little thing when I reach Midas. One of them was yours Allene and the other was your aunt Helene's. She sure did write me a nice letter, and she has such a clear, comprehensive way of telling things and explaining them. Isn't it funny that I should remind her of Mr. Maze? Do you think I'm like him in any way? I wouldn't mind being at that because I think he's a pretty fine man.

Here's the train dear so good-bye for a few days.

Always yours,

February 6th 1916.

P.S. Will send a letter by first mail out.

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