Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 8 February 1916

Box 162, Elko,

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

Dearest Girlie

It's 7:30 A.M. and my fingers are almost frozen but the stage leaves in a few minutes and I don't want to disappoint you nor cause you to look like "the last rose of summer," as your aunt said.

We had a dandy sled ride from Red House up yesterday altho' it was a heavy pull for the team. The last twelve miles we had to use four horses.And at that they didn't get out of a walk, except at one or two little down hill places. 'Twas a little after seven when we got in and then after we ate and got our things put away we rolled in. Couldn't find any stationery or would have written then.

The day was as near perfection as could have been expected out here at this time and not once were we cold or the least bit uncomfortable. The snow here is several feet deep and even on the tip top of the summit was about four,--and they say it must have settled eighteen inches yesterday.

I may be able to get some snow scenes before we get out of here. It looks favorable for such.

With love dear,

Midas, Nevada
Feb 8, 1916

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