Sunday, December 8, 2013

Letters from Grandpa 4 April 1916

The Allen Hotel
Geo. Allen, Prop.
Wells, Nevada

Miss Allene Kelley,

And now I know my Girlie is mistaken; I wasn't peeved at all-and furthermore it's no fault of mine if "two days and part of the third" went by without a letter. I only missed one day, dear, so you should get a whole flock of 'em at once.

I'm glad the storm has blown over, as I note by this mornings letter, and you are all calmed down,-but I did sure enjoy yesterday's. You're some "spit fire" when you want to be, I see. Did you take any of your vengeance out on the boys, or did you give me the full volume of the explosion? Surely I got it all, and until then (yesterday) I didn't realize my capacity was so great. Believe I could weather a real storm, if you put the same loving finishing touches to it. And such letters with such endings are proof positive that  while you maybe very disappointed and "peeved" you can forgive, and isn't that one of the first and principal teachings of the scriptures?

Say dearest I'm not possessed of one single bit of vim or life today-lately-guess I need a good punch in the ribs to wake me up--and there's nobody around here I'd care to have do it to me. I wonder if a Manhattan Cocktail would help me--I'll go see.

Adios por esta tiempo, with all my love.

Ever yours,

April 4th, 1916

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