Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Letters from Grandpa 5 April 1916

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

Dearest, that Manhattan I spoke about yesterday as a failure.-- It didn't come even close to putting vim into me,-- in fact it almost knocked me senseless. And if I hadn't wadded it down tight with a big dinner I think I'd have gone clear "out". Never did like 'em anyhow and after I take one ---- or two - I always think I'll never take another, but my memory is short.

Your second installment dear came this morning, - a day behind the first -- and I like it, because you've taken the liberty of asking me a personal question and it give me an opportunity to tell you that I don't want you to feel that you haven't a perfect right to ask me any question you want - at any time. And what's more, dear, I want you to know me, so of course you'll have to ask questions, and I'll delight in answering 'em ------- if I don't overlook or forget.

I'm not a Catholic dear, in fact I don't profess any particular faith. My mother belonged to the Episcopal Church and two of my sisters were Episcopalians also; the other two were Presbyterians.

I'm glad you liked the suit, tho' sorry about the hat, and if you call that cruel when you tell me your likes, dislikes, etc - well dearest your cruelty is very delightful. There's no need of forgivness where there's been no sin.

Always with love
April 5th, 1916

P.S. I almost forgot-
We go back to Elko Saturday and will stay over Sunday. Monday we go up to a ranch about 20 miles from Elko - expect to stay one day only then back to Elko then to----well that's counting a little to far ahead dear - We've got to go back to Eureka for a short time soon. What's that swearing I hear? Guess you were just joining my chorus. Well we've got most all the summer to put in and the road looks best, financially, to us.


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