Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Letters from Grandpa 10 April 1916

The Allen Hotel
Geo. Allen, Prop.
Wells --- Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

No joke this time, Allene Dearest, a note's all tonight 'cause I didn't get a letter today and I'm tired as --- well I am. Left Elko too early for mail this morning and besides I told 'em to forward it, so if there was a letter I'll get it tomorrow and I hope it has company.

Soon as we got here today our patients (two of 'em) pounced in on us and we were busy till a few minutes ago. I pounded my thumbnail in all the excitement and it's all blue, the nail and the air too.

No more paper available so this is what you get. Doc didn't get a very big supply at the office this time, -- but it's "enuff" for me tonight.

Ever yours,

April 10th 1916

P.S. We will be here three or four days -- or more.

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