Saturday, January 11, 2014

Letters from Grandpa 6 Apr 1916

The Allen Hotel
Geo. Allen, Prop.

Miss Allene S. Kelley

Now Dearest, I can appreciate your feelings when you don't get a letter and when there's no apparent excuse 'cept negligence. Today I drew a blank an' I'm mad,--that's all. And just for that I'm going to tell you that we've been busier 'n the proverbial cranberry merchant all day and have another cranberry merchant's day ahead of us----thank God. We just love to work when we need the money and are getting paid for our labors.

Of course, dear, when I'm awfully busy you're neglected----but not forgotten----and this accounts for this excuse of a letter, 'cause I'll have to forgive you as you have forgiven me in the past. But believe me, Allene dear, I don't like neglect at all.

Ever yours

April 6th, 1916

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