Sunday, April 22, 2012

Letters from Grandpa 19 March 1916

The Brown Hotel
Daniel Morrison, Prop.
Eureka, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

Just see what I've missed Dearest!- and to show you I'll enclose it.

If I hadn't gone back to Elko and met Dr. Whitesides my name would have been coupled with Carl's, that is Mr. C. G. Jepson, and I'd have been in the market for "Livestock in Carload Lots" and with all those other things he's got on the card. The complexion of his other stationery (letterheads and envelopes) is just as unusual and impressive as that of the card and it sure makes a hit with me. I call it C.L.A.S.S. The unusual always did appeal to me anyhow. By that I don't mean freakish nor ridiculous things.

Well dearest the dance is a thing of the past and I feel that I carried out my part in a dutiable manner. By midnight I had all the dancing I wanted but Thelma,-the little devil,-seemed to be just "beginning to commence" (Allene Kelley) to enjoy herself, so I just stood around and talked--with the fellows (you know how they always bunch up when they're not dancing), and danced occasionally till three o'clock and the bloomin' kid made no signs of getting tired so I had to tell her it was about time to go home. Gave her two more dances and then took them home. Their little brother, Peter Breen , Jr., was there and went home with us. 

I had a good time but had to "pay the fiddler" yesterday as I had a lot of work to do and had to get up at the usual time. The twelve and a half hours sleep I got last night has put me back to normal and I feel fine this morning. Anyhow the two letters I rec'd from you last night helped a whole lot, dear, toward making the world brighter. And to dim everything Pearlie Morrison, the landlord's daughter, just came in the parlor here and is favoring us with a few selections such as "Where the Silv'ry Colorado Wends It's [sic] Way" and others equally ancient. And after my telling her to get out, to go make the beds--that I was busy writing to the onliest girlie in the world~~and I meant every word of it too. Thank goodness!--She's gone - to make the beds I guess.

Is a person absent-minded when he's in love? I believe it does have it's effect alright and I know when you're always thinking of one thing or one person you haven't much time for other things and are therefore very apt to be accused of absent-mindedness.

So you wish Cressey [Cressey Maze -ed.] and Mariam would hurry up and get married. If it will relieve you of any suspense dear, I wish so too. I don't see what's the use of those prolonged engagements anyhow,~~unless financial or other equally important obstacles prevent. And Cressey's quiet is he dear, and his usual conversation is carried on in monosyllables such as yes and no in response to questions? I hope I'm not that way altho' I do get spells of silence among strangers. Wait and see-you be the judge dear as to my conversational abilities.

Old Bill Doyle, as I call him sometimes, got drunk as a Lord at the advent of Florence's arrival and she's proven worthy of the demonstration. She's the dearest, cutest little youngster I believe I ever saw.

I'm sorry you couldn't get the first ride in the little roadster Allene. You sure'd have had it had you been anywheres near, but I'll try and arrange so will have a ride in it before it's all worn out toting me around after these elusive eagles and double eagles. The pursuit of them is a pleasure notwithstanding the hardships it puts us to. There's a good time coming tho' for all of us, but let's make ourselves happy while we're waiting for it.

The tho'ts expressed in your missives, Allene dearest, and the others which I find between the lines add immensely to my happiness and I trust mine are likewise, equally, joy bearing. May they be the forerunners of something greater and better for us dearest, that's all now.

Ever yours only

Eureka, Nevada,
March 19th 1916.


  1. hello ma'am. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love family stories. Will be one of ur perminant readers from now.

  2. I received this comment from Dusty:
    "Your site is quite a find! I was researching Allene S. Kelley along with other members of the class of 1915, Modesto High School, where my own grandmother went to school. I believe that one of the photos in my grandmother's photo album may be your grandmother. I am not positive it's her--perhaps you have seen enough photos of your grandmother to recognize her with more certainty than I would. If you are interested in having the photo, please email me and I will send it to you. I can also send you a scan of the page of the Modesto High yearbook that Allene Kelley appears on, if you don't have it already."

    Thank you, Dusty!