Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Dad, A. F. Sauls

Today is my father's birthday. He passed away in 1995, but had he lived he would be 89.

Alva Fay Sauls, who was known to all as Fay, was born 1 May 1923 in California. He married Frances Russell (1925-2004) in 1948. He died 7 Jan 1995 in Idaho. Between those times he served in World War II, worked as an attorney, raised children, hunted and fished, loved his family and friends, and lived a life.

I don't have a lot of pictures of him. In my first post are two of him as a young man. Here is one from the late 1980's:
Fay Sauls and grandson
Happy birthday, Dad! I love you.

Update, 10/7/12 I am submitting this to See It Sunday: Pair.


  1. Hi Dimple! That is a swell photo of your father and the grand baby. I love that the little child appears to be so happy as your dad holds him/her(?) up! Precious. Funny how we still celebrate who our fathers were well after they've passed. Good men.

  2. happy birthday to your dad. it is nice to remember him in this way.

  3. Very moving post and very nice tribute to your father.
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Have a nice weekend****

  4. very touching post.