Friday, May 18, 2012

Letters from Grandpa 21 March 1916

The Brown Hotel
Daniel Morrison, Prop.
Eureka, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

Dearest:- Just for that little measly correspondence card I'm going to cut you short tonight and you don't need to get peeved about [it] either cause I've exhausted my supply of news and don't expect another batch till tomorrow, or next day, or after we get out of here. Anyhow you've gotten a couple of letters that took excess baggage rates and they aught to hold you for a while.

We will be in the land of life again Saturday night and I'll wire you as soon as we arrive so you'll know when to expect "dailies" again.

Don't you dare let your aunt Helene or anyone else talk you into believing I've thrown you over dear. Nor dont [sic] you send me any more correspondence cards when you have plenty of time for a real letter.~~~But I don't want to scold you dear when everything you say to me and everything you do makes me so happy.

Always yours
March 21st 1916

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