Friday, May 18, 2012

Letters from Grandpa 25 March 1916

The Brown Hotel
Daniel Morrison, Prop.
Eureka, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley
Modesto 2800 Regent St.

Variety, sure enuff, is the spice of life, Dearest and if that little old measly correspondence card hadn't been backed up with a couple of lively, open souled, "you-ey" letters, ("chummy" you correctly called that kind dear) I'd have kicked like a steer. Anyhow I didn't have time to write a decent letter that day and it came as an excuse for the thing I sent. Then when those two letters came dear I was so jubilant I just couldn't write and I've been busy - every second - since yesterday morning and am going to be the balance of the day. You'll get this tho' dear just as soon as you would had I written it yesterday and mailed it last night,-so-Yes so-

This is a little over twenty four hours since I wrote that so, dear. And a patient is to blame for it.

Yesterday forenoon-(this is Saturday) I tho't I could steal "enuff" time to finish a letter- the delayed one,-but no such luck. Now I'm in Palisade, on the main line, and only thirty miles from home, and have forgotten what I was going to say after so; you must know tho' Allene dear, that it was something nice,-not a complaint. You can surly write lovely letters dear and these last three -(another has been received)- are excellent samples of your abilities in that line.

Golly dear, I wish the train I am waiting for was going to take me to Modesto,-and you. Time is an awful slow poke when you are anticipating some pleasure,--and it's sure running in low for me.

With love, dearest,

March 25th

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  1. what an amazing treasure you have in these letters.