Sunday, May 8, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 28 January 1916

Golconda Hot Springs Hotel
Golconda, Nevada
Box 162, Elko

Miss Allene S. Kelley,
Box 686

So long as it doesn't make any difference in the date of delivery Dear, does it make any difference to you whether this was written Thursday night or Friday morning?

Well  Friday was (is) the day we were to have started for Midas but a continual snowstorm all day Thursday forestalled the trip again. The old weather man doesn't take us into consideration at all. Maybe he's playing "freeze-out" with us. If so I'm still betting on myself.

Wednesday night dear, I tho't I was going to pen you a short letter, but when I got started,~whew! From now on I'll not give you warning; if you find an abrupt ending, please don't complain. You'll know dear, I wasn't in the mood for writing at the time. Strange as it may seem to you, Allene, there are times when I worry. When things don't go right, I worry in my own "peculiar" way and I don't seem to be able to concentrate my mind on anything else. You'll be able to tell it because the preoccupation of my mind takes me, the real self, away and my letters will lack the vim and life that I try to give them. But we haven't come to that bridge yet dear, and I hope we never do.

Say dear, you are sensible, sure enough, because if you had had me pictured with that halo etc. we'd have both been disappointed,~ that is I'd have been disappointed and you mistaken 'cause,~ well I'm not one of those things. And don't think for a minute dear, that I noticed any signs of peevishness nor took your letter so seriously as to lose sleep, or worry, over what you'd said.

Listen, Allene, you mustn't hurry me back to Elko, too quickly. We've got to make a "haul" before we go back there, and may have to take in several other towns first.

Well that's too bad dear that the looks should be spoiled thru' a mere pencil mark on the envelope. I'll be very very careful in the future. Will that be alright, dear?

With an abundance of love
Thursday P.M. or Friday A.M.?

P.S. If I've been sputtering away and talking in parables ~(I often do)~ "call me" for it dear. I'm always anxious to make myself understood.


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