Sunday, May 29, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 4 February 1916

Box 162
Elko, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

Again, Allene Dearest, your letter is early. It came on this evenings [sic] train and of course I won't get any tomorrow morning to pay for it,~ but maybe I'll be rewarded again tomorrow evening. Here's hoping.

I guess you've guessed it dear when you guess fate is "agin" us. It's alright with me tho' so long as we are kept busy and out of mischief.

Our "Midas" has all those gold crowns in his upper jaw and electric headlights on a dark clear night are not to be compared with his illumination. Our Midas has the old King Midas backed clear off the board.

Of course, dear, we can, and do do porcelain work. Can't make porcelain inlays on these trips, account of that work requiring an electric furnace, but crowns and teeth we can supply. For crowns and bridge-work gold is stronger and more durable and we always advise our patients to take it for that reason. Of course if they want porcelain we give it to 'em, in fact we give 'em anything they want, ~ if it's within reason, or possible.

That's too bad about your gold crowns showing when you laugh dear. Maybe some of these days I'll be able to show you what I can do in the way of changing them to porcelain. I should say I don't advise gold in the anterior teeth, altho' I, myself, have "a plenty."

You bet that one is a good picture of you and I'm going to keep it right in my pocket where I can take a look at it whenever I want to, and I want to now, so wait a second. You're unchanged dear; you're just as sweet looking as before.

Tell me what the S in your name stands for and don't tell me it's Samanthy or even Sophia.

With love dear I'm
Always yours,


Fish Day~~~~
February 4th 1916

[Editor's note: The "S" in my grandmother's name stands for "Simmonds."]

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