Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 3 February 1916

Box 162
Elko, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

Allene Dearest,
Already I've won my wager of this afternoon, but there's no sport in betting where you have a "cinch." And if ever there was one it was that the Vagabond would prove the stronger magnet that that Russian Musical. The wager was decided by your letter which arrived this evening. I guess this letter was intended for tomorrow and to pay for getting it tonight I'll about have to go without one in the morning. I'm a cheerful winner, dear, and it's alright, fine when they come on time, or a little early, but I get pretty peeved when they're late, so if you want to keep me in good humor you want to get 'em away on the first train.

So my letter was thrilly,~gee, I'd like to know what particular part of it is responsible for that comment? And as for your being in doubt as to my address,~ always send 'em to the same old place till I tell you for sure to send 'em someplace else. Anyhow all mail for Midas is sorted over at this P.O. and even if the letters are addressed to Golconda and we are up there we will get then without any delay.

Yeh, that's alright~very nice~ also fine, and I'm glad Helen Hinkle likes cookies and nuts~~and that she get's 'em in her jail, Huntington Hall. But I know another party, that is I have a speaking acquaintance with him, in fact I talk to him quite often. (You know this kind of weather is enough to make a fellow talk to anybody,~even himself.) Well anyway, he's worse than in jail,~he's snowbound on a big desert~and he likes cookies and nuts too,~~and he doesn't get 'em. That doesn't take away his likes for them tho' nor his love for her who makes them.

Always yours dear,

Thursday Eve.
February 3rd 1916.

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