Sunday, March 20, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 6 December 1915

Return address on envelope:
F. H. Russell, C. E.
Surveyor and Draftsman
Wells, Nevada

Written on stationery from:
Commercial Hotel
W. M. Doyle, Prop.
Elko, Nevada

Say Little Girl, if I get lazy spells, as you call 'em, and forget to write, it won't be to you, 'cause, if necessary, I'll take a couple of days off to answer your letters. I "kind-a" like to have my compositions (first, or second grade) readable, but sometimes it's pretty hard to make 'em so. And if neglecting to write to you dear, might cause you to never speak to me again,~ and if that is the only thing that will cause it~well I'm resting very easy.

It looks as tho' I'll not be able to make Los Angeles in time for your dance, dear, and I'd give almost anything to be there. I think I can drive from here down in five or six days,~weather conditions being favorable,~so if we can start before the 10th or 12th I'll wire you. Of course it will be just bad luck if I miss you, that's all.

When you go home for the holidays how long will you stay? You'll be back the first week in January, won't you?

Well, that won't be such an awful long time tho' it may seem an eternity to me.

And if "Bon soir" means something nice, please say it in english (sic) dear~

Always sincerely

December 6th,~1915~

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