Sunday, March 20, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 12 December 1915

Box 162
Elko, Nevada

Miss Allene Kelley
Huntington Hall
South Pasadena

Allene Dear, of course I really and truly want a picture of you--and that's only half of it, --I've wanted one ever since I first saw you, altho' I tried not to show it then, so don't keep me waiting unnecessarily. I'll be watching every mail.

The advent of "your" burglar was exciting. He was a very rude fellow,~maybe he wasn't taught any of the common rules of etiquette.~ In fact, I don't think he was else he wouldn't have forced himself into ladies' apartments~and then to have helped himself to the ladies' valuables,~a terrible breach!! I'm sorry for Mrs. Coolidge and the others who were so unfortunate as to possess burglar enticing wealth. You must tell Mrs. C. that in case the Pasadena and Los Angeles police are unable to capture the culprit she should call on "K.C.B." of the San Francisco Examiner. He can do anything.

And talking of surprises,~would you be surprised if, after all the planning I've done, I didn't go to Los Angeles and into that business? Well I don't know for sure yet, but I've had four business propositions here put to me lately and one of them looks like a winner.

It's very apparent that some of my friends don't want me to leave Elko~~and some others do. Just think too I had all arrangements made for leaving today. I'll know whether I'm going to stay or not about the end of the week,~as soon as I can see a party who is leaving San Francisco, not "Frisco," today. He stops in Reno a day or two before coming here. And when I know you'll know.

I won't be able to see you before you go home for the holidays dear but I can think of you and that'll help some.

I hope you have the bestest time ever at your dance etc. the 16th and, if it wasn't asking too much, I'd request you to devote one number to me.


Elko, Nevada
December 12th, 1915

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