Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 1 January 1916

Capitol Hotel
W. C. Hancock, Prop.
Battle Mountain, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley
1020 15th St.
Modesto, California

Let me join in and help you shout hurrah. That was a "start" and a very agreeable one you gave me. I'm so glad you're not going back to Huntington Hall~~awfully glad~~painfully so, dear, because somehow with all your apparent cheerfulness I seemed to be able to see a sadness in your manners. Maybe not exactly a sadness but something akin to it. It seemed to me that you were putting on a cheerful appearance for the sake of your aunt and uncle's feelings when something told you dear you were going to be unhappy at Huntington Hall. Dearest, you mustn't suffer that way in silence. Confide in the ones directly concerned and you will avoid a lot of unnecessary sorrow.

My telegram this morning showed you that I wasn't far from Elko last night. Drove up from here in the little car yesterday afternoon and after eating a whopping big dinner I proceeded to get into evening clothes for the Fifth Annual Firemen and Enginemen's Ball given in Elko.
There were about six of us, only, in full dress in the crowded hall but in spite of the unusual formality I felt very ordinary and had a grand time. If tho'ts could be bro't out in reality you'd have been there dear 'cause I had time and did think of you quite often.
And to think of all my useless worrying~~so afraid I'd have to spend the one evening of the year in a little old frozen up mining camp! Well I'm grateful, dear.

When I sent the telegram this morning~just as I was starting back to this place it was snowing and I had the pleasure (?) of driving the twenty one miles in a small sized blizzard. The little car worked nobly tho' and I came thru' without a stop, in an hour and five minutes~~and these roads are not boulevards, either.

I'm so glad you're going to take up music. Practice, dear, like everything~won't you? I'm asking you to. And you ask me to keep you posted as to my whereabouts. An unnecessary request dear. You'll know all the time as soon as I do myself.

With love dear,

Carlin, Nevada

January 1st, 1916~
P. S. I'll be here for a few days more.
P. P. S. Don't you dare "make fun" of this stationery. It's Carlin's best.

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