Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 20 December 1915

Box 162
Elko, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley
1020 15th St.
Modesto, California

Allene Dearest:~
Had I known~really known~how happy I was going to be I never could have waited for this morning's mail. You got my telegram so know I received the picture O.K. but you don't know what I did the first thing.~~I went to the jewelry stores~all three of them and bought, what I tho't, was the neatest little sterling frame. And now your picture, dear, is right on my dresser where I can look at it and into those great big beautiful eyes of yours whenever I go into my room. And, oh but it is a perfect picture!~Such a characteristic pose and your own natural expression, excepting perhaps the usual trace of a smile. I am pleased Allene, almost beyond comparison. Even the card that accompanied it has been taken care of.~It's in the frame~behind the picture.

Now for a little exciting news about myself~~~ My Los Angeles proposition is all off. I've gone into partnership with a dentist!! We had lawyer draw up contract [sic] yesterday and will sign it today.

You may and may not have known it dear, but I followed this line, in partnership with another fellow for four years in this state and we made plenty of money, so I almost know what I'm doing. We will open up offices here in Elko just as soon as we can get our furniture shipped in~probably about the middle of January. We will, in the meantime,~make a professional trip into one or two of these neighboring little towns (villages or mining camps). We're going to start right after Christmas.

I was pleased, dear, when I read that part of your letter in which you said "the L.A. proposition didn't sound encouraging" to you, pleased to note that you took interest, at least enough to make intelligent comment. Do you know, about half the time, (putting it mildly) a girl has got more business sense in a minute than a man has in a month? Lots of times tho' she won't impart her knowledge till too late.

By this time your homecoming is ancient history~ you've see everybody in the village,shaken hands, been to parties and pink teas, huh? And weren't "auntie" Helene and uncle Will glad to see their "little" girl!!~~Not any more so than I'd be. Tell them I haven't forgotten them,~ that I said "hello."

Will close dear, thanking you for the dearest Christmas present I ever got.

Elko, December 20th,

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