Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Letters from Grandpa 29 February 1916

The International Hotel
Austin, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley, 

Talk about work, Dearest--I got up at 6:30 this morning and our sheepherder patient came in at nine. We'll [sic] I worked over him all morning and since then have been making the bridgework. The upper jaw will be one solid piece of gold. I just finished putting it together,---its [sic] nine forty P.M. I will cement it in the mouth in the morning. Will finish the balance of his work tomorrow and will then "nail" the other fellow. I tell you I'm pretty tired-didn't notice it till I came down stairs-but I'm anxious to get that job done.

Got two letters from you today dear. One was for'ded from Golconda. Telegraph comes in pretty handy and from tone of your letters, it has "saved my bacon" several times. I try to keep up my end of the correspondence dear but sometimes it's awful hard to find time or material, so must resort to the wire. 

Now what have I done to call forth a "roasting" from your auntie and you?

No I've never read any of Hiteliens' works so you'll have to tell me about "Bella Donna," if you want me to know.

Alright dear,----if possible----I'll take your advice and not get discouraged, or feel blue, or worry, or "nuffin." And I'm glad everything is going to be lovely and you're sure of it and that you are all much interested and are very fond of me and especially you dear, so I'll accept the stacks of love you've sent and look for more.

Always yours only

February 29th, 1916

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