Monday, March 19, 2012

Letters from Grandpa 4 March 1916

The International Hotel
Austin, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,

Allene Dearest, The storm is still on. It's work, work, work and I like it, 'ceptin' it doesn't allow me much time to talk to you,~nor to anyone.

So you think two hundred is a lot for one piece of work! Moore and I got five hundred for a single job here in this town--and the patient died a year afterwards!

"'Tis a small world after all." To think your dentist should have been born in Austin. I hope the place looked different then. It's surely a delapidated [sic] place now.And bye the way "Doc" Grove doesn't need to "puff up" with his display of office furniture, fixtures, appliances, etc. (You didnt [sic] say that he does dear.) but anyhow his "finest office in Modesto" or "the most up to date"~well Elko's goin' to have something pretty classy.

I think perhaps I was joshing dear about getting flustered but I do know I'm awfully anxious to see you.

All the love I've got is enclosed herewith for you dear.

Ever yours

Austin, Saturday P.M.
March 4th 1916

P.S. There is no incoming mail here Sundays nor outgoing Mondays so the second day after receipt of this you can expect a blank~~~

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