Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 14 January 1916

Capitol Hotel
W. C. Hancock, Prop.
Battle Mountain, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,
1020~15th St.,

Allene Dearest:~
Too bad you should be kept in such terrible suspense and over such an insignificant thing as a photograph, but you've surely received it by this time and are all calmed down.

Your letter telling me about it is over the other side of the Sierras,~behind a big pile of snow. Trains are blockaded both ways lately and mail is rather uncertain. We're going to Midas tho'~~will leave for Golconda Sunday P.M. and take stage from that place Monday morning. It's a little further up there than I tho't. Instead of being about 25 miles it's 45 and the stage can only get within about ten miles of the camp. We have to transfer to a sled for that last part of the trip. Of course it's like the usual mining camp way up in the mountains~~and snow!

We've been awfully busy here and have all our time taken up till Sunday eve. If anything else, (new work) comes in we will either have to put it off or postpone trip.

I'm glad you find a little time to practice, dear, even tho' you do have innumerable interruptions. And say that sounds good to hear you complain of the way maids clean house and that you've decided to do that part of the work yourself.

And another thing, don't flatter me, dear,~~~that is not too much. Let "Daddy Long Legs" or anybody else resemble me all they want to, providing their faults and shortcomings and my virtues are the only conspicuous parts~~to you.

I don't know when this letter will reach you but I'm going to bid you good night dear, and start it on its' [sic] way.~The postoffice [sic] is downstairs.

Always yours,
January 14th, 1916
P.S. Better address the next to Midas, Nevada, via Golconda

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