Sunday, April 24, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 24 January 1916

Box 162
Elko, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,
1020~15th St.,

And it's quite a relief to me, Allene Dear, to know you are getting my epistles. This evening's mail bro't your letter~the second today~ which causes me to apologize for my complaint of this morning,~if you considered it a complaint.

You've not missed it a bit dear when you think Golconda a poor,~unfascinating, gloomy place to sit around in in winter. I'd rather be in jail,~I think. They claim three or four hundred population. I don't know where they are. About all I've seen besides a few, very few people, is the post office, two hotels, two stores, a lot of saloons, a livery barn, a garage, a few vacant buildings of various sorts and a few residences.

So you've noticed something strange, wierd [sic], about that picture? Well that is strange, dear. Do you suppose it is a freak picture or a picture of a freak? Maybe that ring the photographer put under my right eye has something to do with it. Next time I have a sitting I'm going to get a negative that suits me or "there'll be no" prints, and I'm going to be particular too.

I'm glad dear, my letter made your "auntie" quite happy. What in the world was it I said that bro't forth all those nice remarks you made about it? I know I was very particular, also guarded, as to what I did say in that letter 'cause she's such a nice lady I wanted to please her and leave a good impression.

Don't get too impatient dear. The pictures haven't shown up yet, altho' it's time they did. Soon's they are rec'd I'll send 'em on to you.

Why the idea of you wondering if I've shaved since we started and the nerve of you to express that wonderment! Sometime I'll show you a picture of myself,~the way I look when I don't shave,~ but not now.

Nighty night, dearest.

Always yours
Jan. 24~9 P.M.

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