Friday, April 8, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 18 January 1916

Golconda Hot Springs Hotel
Eugene L. Dutertre, Proprietor
Golconda, Nev.

Miss Allene S. Kelley
1020-15th St.,

Allene Dearest,
You just aught to see this country now. More snow that I ever saw before! Almost impossible to get anywhere off the main line. No Western Pacific trains at all and S.P. are late and irregular even tho' that Company is well supplied with snow plows etc.

Wrote you a letter last night and told you we had,~after all,~engaged a fellow who guaranteed to take us and our baggage into Midas today. Put the letter in the "Out Going" mail box here at the hotel. This morning when I got up 'twas snowing "like sixty" and our man said he would have to back out. Your letter hadn't gone so I got it.

We're going to Battle Mountain tonight and if the narrow guage [sic] from there to Austin (90 miles south) is running we will leave for that place in the morning.

Address all mail to Elko unless I wire you differently. I'll bet we don't get to Midas for a month, but we're going to keep trying. Every time we talk to anyone about the place the distance increases~ Now it is 50 1/8 miles.

You may think we are wading around in snow and subjecting ourselves to all sorts of exposures, dear, but let me assure you that we are very comfortable at all times. Steam heat, electric lights, and all those accomodations [sic],~or luxuries,~ are ours. There's only one thing that bothers me much dear,~~it's lonesomeness.

First thing I think of in the morning is mail~ and you dear,~and you're the last at night~ and often during the day. When I don't get your letter the day seems an eternity, unless work occupies my mind, as well as my hands and body.

For a few days I won't be able to get your letters~haven't known where to have them sent. Will keep up my end of the corresponding and hope you will do likewise.

With all my love, dearest mine, I'll say adieu for now.


Golconda, January 18, 1916.

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