Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 24 January 1916

Elko, Nevada

Miss Allene S. Kelley,
1020 15th St.,

That's right, Dearest, pounce right onto me the first thing when you don't get your letter. Maybe you have me all "dolled up" with a halo, wings, etc. and think there is no limit to my powers, but, dear, you're wrong,~~very wrong. I'm only human and as such can only write and mail the letters after which I have to trust in Uncle Samuel and the Almighty to see that they reach you. No doubt the mist has cleared up and the missed have been located and my dear has "taken back" all the mean things she tho't and said about me.

I haven't neglected you a single day dear, even tho' there were days and days~ages~when I didn't hear from you. And only yesterday I was greeted with a negative reply at my request for mail,~and today the letter came~and please notice that it's third person, neuter gender and singular~very singular, after getting two Friday and two more Saturday.

I'm glad you saw "Long Letty" dear and that you liked her~~it, 'cause I tho't it the best musical comedy I ever saw. And come to think about it, the letter you've missed is the one in which I told you something about it being a great show and that Charlotte Greenwood was surely the one who put the "Long" in the name.

Listen dear, while I think about it, ~oh yes I do forget things sometimes,~we will leave for Midas Friday morning if no more storms between now and then. Just keep sending mail here tho' till I tell you differently. In case we leave they'll (the letters) be sent right on without any delay.

Is this P.D. Quick "enuff"? And that P.D. doesn't stand for Pi Delta, but Phast Delivery.

With love dearest
Always yours

Jan. 24, 1916

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