Sunday, April 17, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 23 January 1916

Golconda Hot Springs Hotel
Golconda, Nevada
Box 162, Elko

Miss Allene S. Kelley,
1020-15th St.,

Dearest, this is Sunday morning and no letter! And the postoffice [sic] is closed for the day~ These country post offices are the limit.

Don't know whether a complaint is in order or out. Perhaps I should content myself with yesterday's harvest as the letter I left unread till after I'd written, so I'd have material for today's, wasn't intended for me till today. 'Twas the one you wrote "Thursday 9:30 P.M." It's postmarked Jan.21-11:30 A.M. and I rec'd it at 8:00 A.M. yesterday, the 22nd. I guess the road is open. But anyhow I wanted another this morning dear, 'cause I "kinda" like your letters~and you,~and I hope it's contagious. 'Sides I told you I wasn't a woman hater, but I was particular and I am, that's why I like you dear.

Of course I want you to get my letters~when they're fresh~hot, right off the griddle dear, and every one of 'em too; but I'm not so anxious that the be the cause, or excuse, for night strolls. But then I guess there are no spooks or kidnappers in Modesto.

I don't blame your aunt for asking that question,~(why did you omit a word?) if you looked as morose as I felt when I didn't get a letter from my girlie this morning. Of course dearest, I'll have another picture taken. Tried to arrange for a sitting for a decent picture when I had the other taken. Photographer was busy~holidays~and,~well I was on the jump every second getting our business started. Have it all arranged for a sitting soon as I get back.

Am not at all surprised at remarks of your friends regarding hat, but that picture wasn't taken for them, and you understand. As to your comments, dear, I think I'd have been really disappointed had you not been out-spoken. There's another thing I'm going to like you for. I just love to have you criticize whether your ideas coincide with mine or not. I like that hat because it's different. Had it made to order and don't think there's another like it anywhere. The thing that makes it look sporty is the old band. We had a wild west show in Elko just before I left and all the town boys had to tog up in cowboy style. Well I slipped the hat band on my "lid" and neglected taking it off. There you are, dear, and do you think you've hurt my feelings? A week does go fast, doesn't it?

So you think I'm a nice flatterer? There is another asset you possess dear. I admire self esteem but not conceit. If I've said "nice things" about you dear, they've been nothing more than your due and if you underestimate yourself, then you're not conceited.~~And I did mean all I said.

There's no possible chance of that other dentist, who was my old partner, beating us to Midas. We are "camped on the trail" and there's no place to turn out so if he gets in he'll have to push us ahead.

Should say I have read of the floods down there. Wrote to my cousin in L.A. the other day and asked him what he was doing besides "paddling his canoe" and I meant it literally.

Am exchanging love with you, dear.

Always your

Jan. 23rd, 1916

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