Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Letters from Grandpa 26 January 1916

Golconda Hot Springs Hotel
Golconda, Nevada
Box 162, Elko

Miss Allene S. Kelley,
Box 686

This afternoon Dearest, during all the rush and the excitement (?) of making those teeth I penned you a few hurried lines to make connections with your mail train, hardly knowing what I was saying. Have a dim recollection of promising another tonight in answer to "this last" one of yours. Now I realize the uselessness of such a promise 'cause~~well dear I don't believe I'd sleep right with this sweet letter unanswered.

Allene, dear, you may derive pleasure from my missives,~you say you do, so my efforts are not futile,~but you certainly can't enjoy them any more than I do yours. It's not a long one nor will this be. You cautioned me "proprietor will be charging extra for stationery." Maybe so, but that's not my excuse for limited conversation tonight. Somehow I don't seem to be "wound up" just right to be talkative. I seem satisfied to just be silent and meditative and the meditations are all of you. Was reading a while ago and several times I looked up from the pages and saw you dear, right here with me, just as vividly;~ your hair, your eyes, all your features;~could even hear your voice. Goodness, it was so real I just had to restrain myself from reaching right out for you, dear!

Gosh! I know now if I ever get close, near enough so I can grab you, you're going to get some mighty rough treatment,~~and I don't think there's any twelve men in the world who would convict me of brutality.

Perhaps you are like every other girl,~~in some respects, but you have a personality, and individuality that's all your own and they are the things that facinate (sic) me. You know dear that in choosing even our friends, it isn't merely the person;~it's something about him, within him,~that magnetizes us.

We, all of us, are only human beings and as such have our faults and virtues, and sometimes they are not divided equally. I'm afraid mine ~~ but this is not a confession dear so I'll not finish that sentence. Will say this much, when I get started I don't seem to know when to stop talking. Think I've exhausted my resourses (sic) tho' for tonight so Buenos Noches Allene.

Always yours

Jan. 26-1916

Thursday Morning

Know you are anxious to see the pictures dear, so am enclosing them. They just came this morning~with the letter in which you told me not to put street number on envelopes.


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